Tammy Koelling

Tammy Koelling is the CEO of Words Matter Publishing, an Investigative Journalist,  a member of the Society of Professional Journalist and too many writing groups to mention.  Tammy started WMP to help new authors get published. She takes a special interest in every WMP author and speaks to them personally on a regular basis. Tammy is always searching for the next author that shows talent along with dedication to the craft of writing.

Tammy has a Master’s Degree in Eschatology, a Bachelor in Education, A Bachelor in Theology, Paralegal certification, Master Dog Trainer, and  Master Groomer certification.

Tammy has ghostwritten countless books and is the author of Tucker Wilson, The Even When Series, The I Can Series and The Heart of a Champion Series.  Tammy trains Service Dogs for the disabled and is the Director of Public Relations for EverlastingHug.org;  she resides in Illinois where she is currently caring for her 94-year-old mother and her best friend,  Sir Victor, a K-9 Knight.


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