Moonlit Blood

Bethany has never really felt at home in her life, then she finds out her life isn’t even real. If being thrown into a new dangerous world isn’t bad enough, Bethany also finds out that she’s not totally human. 

Realizing she has abilities that she needs to learn how to control, she also needs to learn how to live in this new world of supernatural beings and government hunters. Bethany’s new friends come to her aid, and a new man makes her feel more alive than she has ever felt before. With these new people in her life, maybe she can manage to stay alive long enough to learn her place, to find the life that she can finally be happy with.



About the Author

D.M. Barton
I work in a warehouse which allows my mind to wander about plot holes, puzzle pieces and those little epiphanies I get. Most of my spare time is spent with my other half and my son. The rare time to myself is spent working on my books or playing video games. Unfortunately, the latter often wins. I live in a lovely little village that is so quiet that it's idyllic for when I sit outside and chill with my laptop. I see my family often, and they are always supportive of my dream to be a full-time writer. I've finished my first series and am now on the next. I want to keep going, never stop. Idea after idea and just keep throwing out brilliant reads. I recently got some amazing feedback from a fan, and it's so addictive. So, I will use that to keep moving forward. To keep perfecting my craft and to make it a career.


Moonlit Blood Reviews

The cover of Moonlit Blood catches the eye. If I were walking through a bookstore and saw this book, I would definitely pick it up and read the back cover. This cover deserves a star. Barton defines his characters in a way that you learn more about them as you read. There are times the reader learns about the character at the same time the character learns it themselves. Barton writes in first person giving you an insight into Bethany's thoughts and feelings. The reader experiences her discoveries as she is introduced to the supernatural world around her. No matter what is thrown Bethany's way she faces it head on. Barton has developed a character that sticks with you long after you have turned the final page. Another star earned. Barton's plot is unique in a world with repeated storylines. He has your normal supernatural creatures.: vampires, witches and werewolves, but he introduces the world to lesser-known supernatural species-leechers even a fish shifter. Barton lets his imagination free as he introduces a world where supernatural species exist alongside humans. His subplot doesn't overshadow the plot of the story. The love aspect is there but not predominated enough to be the main plot. Another star well deserved. Moonlit Blood is an exciting new look into a sometimes over done genre. I found the leecher aspect an unusual and unique concept. Barton earns his fourth star. Moonlit Blood is a great escape for readers. As the reader I anxiously accompanied Bethany as she discovered the truth about herself and those around her. Moonlit Blood is awarded a final star. Moonlit Blood is a character driven novel that earns a 5-star review. David Barton has introduced us to a unique world of leecher's and the supernatural creatures around her. A must read for supernatural readers. David Barton is an author to watch. – Reviewed by Award Winning Author, Shannon Simpson via Amazon

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Bethany has blackouts frequently and when she wakes up, she remembers nothing. Sometimes she is naked and covered in blood that is not her own. Other times she is wearing clothes that don't belong to her. Tired of her shenanigans her parents turn her out of the house. Where is a girl to go who has a sketchy past and a shaky future?

Follow Bethany as she learns the secrets that surround her life. You will feel a kinship with Bethany and cheer as she finds out what is really up. A read you won't put down. Entertaining and engaging this first in a series is one that will keep you enraptured and enchanted in many ways. – Reviewed by JJ

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Bethany has secrets that are even secrets from her. Secrets her parents refuse to acknowledge. Is she a werewolf, a vampire, a hybrid cross? How did this happen when her parents are so normal?

Cousin Keith takes Bethany in, and he too has secrets. Will Bethany ever find out what's happening to her before it is too late?

This first book in a series will keep you engrossed all night until you finish. Well written, witty and warm you will come to admire and applaud Bethany as she searches for answers. -Paula

If you like books about supernatural beings, witches, vampires, werewolves, and more you will truly enjoy this one. Then there's Bethany that has only one friend in the world but is forced to leave him due to blackouts. What's causing her blackouts? Well, there's a twist of mystery, science projects, love, and much more. Even the government is involved, especially on a moonlit night.

Where will this thrilling tale take you? A must-read that will keep you turning pages and leave you anticipating what happens next and wanting more. – Reviewed by Carol

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Moonlit Blood brings together all walks from the supernatural creatures in a novel that keeps you in suspense and turning pages to see what comes next. When Bethany started having blackouts, she had no clue how her life was changing. Being sent to live with a cousin was just the beginning and when she met Cassie a whole other world was opened to her. And in doing so her life became clearer she was a leecher in the world of the supernatural. This book is an amazing novel that brings werewolves, witches, vampires, and leechers together for a wonderful must-read for lovers of the supernatural. – Michelle

This first book in a series will keep you engrossed all night until you finish. Well written, witty, and warm you will come to admire and applaud Bethany as she searches for answers.- Reviewed by Paula

Hi guys, I am back to bring you another book review. I apologize for my absence ( computer troubles still plague) but I am here now and I have brought you a fantastic book to peruse. This week’s offering is Moonlit Blood by David Barton featuring Bethany, a young woman who finds trouble as often as it finds her. This situation escalates when she discovers that she is not entirely human, she is a Leecher, and she is in way over her head.

First Star: Minimal Exposition -For those who have read my reviews before you will know that the first star in my reviews is earned by those who manage to avoid exposition. Barton faced a difficult challenge as this was the first book in the series and he was trying to lay the building blocks for a series. Despite this he does a good job of avoiding exposition with only a few lengthy sections where the main character is introduced to a world she never knew existed. Happy giving Barton a half star.

Second Star: Characterization- This next star belongs to those with excellent characters that readers will enjoy following throughout the stories. As this is an urban fantasy and first-person point of view the main character is possibly the most important and I think that Barton has done an excellent job with Bethany. She is a forceful individual, and despite numerous hardships and upheavals has not stopped moving forwards with her life, which is something I can appreciate in a character. When she finds out some of the truths of the Leechers she doesn’t flee, she gets stuck right in for better or worse. I am happy to give Barton a full star for this section.

Third Star: Concept-This next star belongs to the concept of the book, which is no easy feat considering the fantasy genre has millions of books under its banner at this point. Moonlit blood’s unique concept is the idea of Leechers who are supernatural but not of a kind I’ve seen before. At first, I believed her to be a werewolf but as the book progressed and she channeled elements of multiple supernatural races I realized this was not the case. The way Bethany’s powers were linked to smell and colors and the way those sensations represented each race was equally fascinating. Happy to give him another star for this section.

Fourth Star: Plot- Star number four belongs to the plot of the story which I always think should be higher on the list. Barton’s plot for Moonlit blood doesn’t stray too far from established tropes but this is by no means a bad thing. Bethany’s inciting event is a common one that readers can relate too, her discovery of her powers is left as a mystery long enough for us to work things out with her before she finally receives her explanation, and the romance doesn’t feel like it’s tacked on just for the sake of a subplot. Happy to provide another star here.

Fifth Star: Technical Skill-
The final star belongs to the technical skill of the writer. Barton’s writing has a few places where I had to reread to make sense of the paragraph, but apart from that his skills are excellent, and it did not impede my enjoyment of the book in the slightest as I worked my way through. The cover of the boo, the production value within, and all of the other details of the book are of excellent quality too. Easy star here.

And that is that. As I mentioned I am sorry for my absence but hopefully I will be back for a prolonged period now. I am happy to give Moonlit Blood 4.5 stars and you will soon see this score posted on Amazon and Goodreads too. If you are in the mood for unique urban fantasy with a kick-ass protagonist, then I would recommend picking this one up and finding a dark and spooky corner to read it.



Other Books by This Author

Burning Blood
After putting away the man who stole her from her parents and destroyed her childhood, Bethany is ready to move on. She not only regained the connection with her mother all these years later, but she also has become an expert with her leeching abilities.  It looks like things are finally going in Bethany favor until she hits obstacles when trying to leech. Suddenly, she is having uncontrollable moments of leeching and blacking out like she did when she was a teenager.  An enemy of pure evil, Jenkins, comes back into her life, creating speed bumps on the rocky roads she's already travelling down. Desperately, Bethany tries to hold onto the last piece of stability she can while trying to sort her life out. Bethany finally comes face to face with an evil, more dangerous than anything she has faced before. Can she keep her life heading in the right direction against the storm? Or is she going to find she can't control her fate?
Dead Blood
Everything is going wrong. With Luana out there getting her plans ready to take over the world, Bethany was on her tail. Only now, she has no team. She has no help from the Leecher Unit or case. She has been told to move on to something else by the new director of the Leecher Unit.  Bethany isn't going to give up. Not only can she not turn her back on saving the world, but this, witch was the reason she was taken from her parents as a baby. Why did people like Jewel and Logan get involved? They paid with their lives.  Every bad thing that has happened could be linked to Luana, and one of her minions. If anyone is going to bring her down and make her pay, it's going to be Bethany. However, that is easier said than done.  When she thinks she is getting closer, her enemies seem further away. It's not until she makes new friends that things start to look up. As it happens, her new friends are, witches from the same coven as Luana.  With their help and her family and friends by her side, will it be enough to save the world? Can Bethany survive this final confrontation?
Drowning Blood
Bethany finds herself in a unique position. She is finally on top of things. She got her parents back. She went through training to become an agent for the Leecher Unit. She is trying to get the soul in her head back into his body.  Bethany's relationship with an ancient vampire was new, but she had high hopes. With Cassie and Kat still by her side like sisters, everything seemed good. But things in her life never stay positive. Cautiously, Bethany takes life one day at a time, knowing the enemies are still lurking in the shadows.  With the remnants of the followers still out there with a new leader taking the reins, Bethany is determined to find out what they were up to all along. Will she be able to stop them in time? Will life ever stop throwing her curveballs?  Bethany doesn't hesitate to fight for her friends, herself and the baby growing inside her. All she wants is to create a life where they can all be safe. However, Bethany life never goes as planned. Like always, she’ll roll with the punches, while making the best out of difficult situations. Will she be able to do so and keep a tight grip on her life?
Shadows into the Light
Ryan has been letting his life slip away. Obsessed with proving that superheroes exist in the city he loses his job. Behind on his rent he decides to get his life back on track. That is until he meets an actual hero. Getting involved in his mission to clean up the city. Moving deeper and deeper as he helps him track people down. Giving him information as best as he can. The hero getting closer to finishing his mission despite not knowing his own identity. Keeping it hidden from himself after an attack leaves his memory at a loss. Together they work together to track down the bad guys. Getting into fights and causing havoc to try and keep the city safe. Only it turns out that their lives weren’t so separate before they met. The memory loss getting brought back by another superhero. The photographer’s family turning out to be those heroes. He must realize that his loss of family wasn’t because they didn’t care. Because they didn’t know what to do when he lost his memory. Coming together to end the mission. Coming to peace with both sides of his life.
Sunlit Blood
Six months have passed since Bethany not only found out she is a leecher, but the cause of her blackouts has to do with it. Settled into her new life in a new city, her friends are her new family. She has come to peace with who she is and her powers. Her peace is destroyed when an old friend crashes into her life, warning her of new enemies that show up a moment later. On the run again from this new threat, Bethany and her new family have to band together if they are to overcome these new obstacles. With an old enemy period showing a friendlier side and offering help, will they stop and event that could spell disaster for the whole world?
The Minds of Killers
Whilst looking for a story, Lucy stumbles on a murder where witnesses are not allowed to survive. She finds herself pushed into the life of a detective with a haunting past that involves this case. Can she use her mind-reading abilities to help him find those responsible and to save the witness, Kara? Kara experiences something strange after witnessing a murder. Being plagued with a voice inside her head, and memories that aren’t hers are alarming but she finds she also has skills that she never learned. The ability to fight and kill is imprinted in her thoughts. If she and her sister are to survive the ongoing murders, she needs to listen to that voice. Use his knowledge to kill before being killed.
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