I always knew I’d die on my 500th birthday. Alone. Then Aidan Crane turned my world upside down. Being a witch, I could kill him with an errant thought. Being a vampire, he could lose control and drain me. Can our love overcome any obstacle?

Ashlie, a very powerful slow-aging witch, prefers to keep to herself. Save for her dog, Netter, and her mind-reading ghost BFF, Stephenie, she lives a lonely existence. Ashlie longs for love but fears it at the same time. Her ever-growing powers are controlled by her emotions. What if she were kissing an unsuspecting boy and set him on fire? What if she froze him as they walked across the street, and he was hit by a car? Thoughts like these plague her. She has resigned herself to a lonely life. Aidan Crane has no memory of his life before he became a vampire. He goes through life existing with no hope to find love. The moment he sees Ashlie he knows there is something different about her. She glows. Try as they might, they can’t ignore their attraction. Again and again, obstacles are thrown in their path. Are the Fates trying to show them they don’t belong together? With the help of Ashlie’s newfound friend Ericka, her ghost best friend Stephenie, and a long-dead historical figure-Alexander, the unlikely pair search for a way to be together. Between resurrected loved ones, danger lurking around the bend, and unexpected side effects will Ashlie make the ultimate sacrifice for love?



About the Author

Shannon Simpson

Shannon was born and raised in a little town in South Carolina aptly named Townville. Many of her books are placed in her hometown. A lover of vampires, ghosts, and witches it is no surprise her first book, Spellbound, was about them. In 2017, Shannon entered Spellbound in a writing contest for Words Matter Publishing. She won first prize and the rest, as they say, is history. She is the host and producer of The Review, editor-in-chief of the WMP Reader, voiceover actor, and administrative assistant to the CEO of Words Matter Publishing.


Spellbound Reviews

This book was suggested by my book club...definitely not my regular genre but was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the story and characters! Fantasy isn’t so bad after all. – Reviewed by Laura via Amazon

Spellbound is very captivating I loved this book all the way to the end! Spellbound by far for me is one of the best books I have read in a long time! This is a page turner... I'm ready for book 2!!! There has to be a sequel!!! I recommend this book highly!!! – Reviewed by Littlekitty2002us via Amazon

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I met Shannon at a Witches’ Night Out in Lebanon, Illinois. My daughter and I purchased Spellbound and neither of us could put it down! Pretty sure we both finished it in a couple days!! Can't wait for the second book to come out and see what happens next with this crazy family! – Reviewed by C. Foster via Amazon

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How long till we get a sequel? I loved this book and it left me hanging wanting to know the next piece... witches and spells and young love oh my! – Amazon Customer via Amazon

Book #2 please!!! From beginning to end it was awesome! A must read for fantasy lovers. Spells, witches, vampires, & ghosts! We simply must have a second book, too many loose ends to stop now!
It was awesome, I love you Chuckie! – Reviewed by Cynthia M. via Amazon

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I am one who needs my attention kept when i read or watch movies. I read the whole thing within 2 days! i am an actual witch and it kept even me with a nice eyebrow raise and head nod at the details yet it was not at all like a boring educational tool and yet it still had its own deep sultry mesmerizing sensual learning tact mystery all in a nice rolled up neat package and i kept turning the pages! it won't disappoint! – Reviewed by Elizabeth Manthey via Amazon

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AMAZING book!! I cannot wait for the second one! Could not stop reading it! I met the author while at witches’ night out and she was so sweet! – Reviewed by Alicia via Amazon

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If you like the Twilight series, you will one this book!! Can’t wait for #2!! – Reviewed by Mark Landreth via Amazon

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This book is AWESOME! Truly AMAZING! I cried at the ending. I did not see the ending coming and I normally figure endings out. If you loved Twilight, you will love it! It has everything! Witches. Vampires. Ghosts. A MUST READ!!! – Reviewed by Amazon Customer via Amazon

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Hi guys, I am back and through the magic of post scheduling, I am here for the second
time this week to bring you another review. This time the books is another one from the stable of Words Matter Publishing books: Spellbound by Shannon Simpson. This book follows Ashlie, a witch both blessed and cursed with amazing powers and an incredibly slow aging process, who, after returning to a town from her childhood, falls into love that is both dangerous, and exciting. Let’s get started.
First Star: Avoiding Exposition
Given all of the details that were crammed into this book regarding witches, their aging process, how the magic worked, and the considerable history of the characters I was really impressed with Shannon and her ability to avoid the curse of exposition. There were a lot of buried mysteries within this book and each one that the main character followed revealed a little more about the world without Ashlie ever sitting down with Ye’Olde Book of Witches to tell us all about it. Easy star here.
Second Star: Characterization
I am a big fan of some of the older shows like charmed and bewitched, which I started watching for the magic and finished watching for the heartwarming, and heart wrenching, family moments. Shannon has done an excellent job here tugging at my heart strings, no more so than the main character’s best friend Stephenie, a ghost bound to the house that Ashlie lives in. Stephenie’s powers seem like a cruel trick as she hears everything with her telepathy, even the unspoken cruelties Ashlie never intended to say aloud. Another easy star here, and no I am not crying. Honest.
Third Star: Concept
I have said it before and I will say it again, that trying to come up with something unique in fantasy without being unique for the sake of it is difficult. Spellbound doesn’t tread any new ground in terms of fantasy, but I feel like this was done on purpose by the order. The advantage in this is that these familiar elements distract less from the journey of the main characters and open the book up to a wider audience. What I will mention is I love the inclusion of the awkward side-effects of slow-ageing. Rather than ignoring it there are some amusing moments where the main character describes looking the approximate age of a toddler for almost a decade, points for inclusion.
Fourth Star: Plot
Ah, this is the moment where this book really shines. I love the mystery elements of the book as the character tries to uncover the mysteries of the place she’s arrived in, this strange boy that has here all a flutter, and indeed the mysteries of her own long life. The longevity that Shannon has given her main character works perfectly here as it allows elements of Ashlie’s own life to reappear even after all these years and be woven into the story with ease. It takes a sneaky author to get me reading romance willingly, but Shannon impressed me all the way with this plot. Another star easily.
Fifth Star: Technical Ability
It goes without saying at this point that the books produced by Words Matter Publishing are of an excellent quality, right up to the gorgeous cover for this book. As for Shannon’s own abilities they have really impressed me right through this book. It felt like every little detail, no matter how small, always ended up being important and impacting the book further down the road. I love it, it was awesome, job done.
And there we have it, four stars well earned, thank you for tuning in for this week’s double feature. For the moment this brings an end to my reviews. If you know any authors who would be willing to review trade with me then please encourage them to send a message and get involved. While I am waiting for more books to review, I will be working on the website and getting 9th Bridge into people’s lives.
Author’s note: Shannon is a lovely lady, and definitely wouldn’t have cursed me if I didn’t say nice things. Honest.- Reviewed by Marc Townsend

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This book took me by surprise. Let me tell you about it. It’s Spellbound by author Shannon Simpson.

Ashlie is a 190-year-old witch who looks 18. Her best friend is a ghost. Aidan is a vampire who doesn't believe in witches. That's fine as Ashlie doesn't believe in vampires. The two meet at Enchanted Willows where sparks fly and Aidan almost makes Ashlie a mid-afternoon snack.

So much more than a love story, this is a tale of acceptance, family, and perseverance. Magic glitters, dripping from every page. You will be enchanted and entertained, as this mismatched pair stumble through their relationship. Look for more books about Ashlie and Aidan and even more surprises. - Reviewed by JJ

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Simpson gives us a new twist on the perceived world of witches. 190-year-old Ashlie, who looks 18, has to go to school again and again and again. Moving every few years, she is always the new girl. Her powers cause her to blow things up, like future boyfriends and her best friend is a ghost. How much more trouble can she have!

This book is filled with unexpected twists and turns that will leave you bewildered and bothered as you search for a solution for Ashlie and Aidan’s love story. A great read with more surprises than a crackerjack box. No doubt a fun read! - Reviewed by Paula

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This enchanting tale of love, magic, mystery, and sacrifice will keep you captivated. There's Ashlie a headstrong witch, Aidan a vampire, Steph a ghost, and others. This is the kind of love story we only read about so grab the tissues for you will get happy, be sad, laugh, cry, and even get angry at some of the antics in this book, so read on.

Is it fate for this love? For how long? Will love be enough? Once you settle in, you will be spellbound to the end when the spell is broken. I know l can't wait for the next one.- Reviewed by Carol

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Being a teenager is hard enough but to be a witch on top of it is enough to make your head spin. But that is Ashlie Belle's world being a teenage witch in a new school. And when she met Aidan, her world turned upside down with love. Spellbound brings together all players from the supernatural in a page-turning novel about true love and friendship. A must read for the supernatural lover. – Reviewed by Michelle

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Witches, vampires, ghosts so many things you never knew. Love can cross any border whether good or bad results from it. What an excellent love story. Definitely rivals Twilight. I think that Spellbound would make an excellent movie. Can't wait to see where love will take them. Can't wait to read Enchanted. Great storytelling really brings things to life (love life)-  Reviewed by Ann

Other Books by This Author


Have you ever met someone and known immediately your life would never be the same? That’s how it was when I met Brian. One smile and my world was rocked to its core.

            Everyone has that one love they can’t forget. The one that spoke to your soul, not just your heart. At twenty-six, I had never been in love. I thought I was broken. Then I met Brian. There was something about him that spoke to my soul. He was everything I dreamed the man for me would be, with one major flaw. He was married. Even if he wasn’t, I knew he wouldn’t want me. Overweight for most of my life, I was shy around men. I preferred to remain in the background, never calling attention to myself. After being teased in my formative years, I had scars on my soul.

            Brian offered me his friendship. I was happy to accept. I was careful not to talk much about myself. I thought if I hid my heart behind a stone wall, I’d be able to protect myself. I tried to be friends, truly I did, but sometimes friends sneak into your heart with no warning. I don’t remember when it happened. One day we were friends, the next I was in love with him. I tried to hide it, but I think Brian knew. There was something about him that my starving heart couldn’t resist.

            For three years, I saw him almost every day. The more time we spent together, the more I fell. I watched as he flirted with other women, pretending it didn’t break my heart. Women were attracted to his sexy looks, but they didn’t know him like I did. They didn’t see past the outside at the man within. They didn’t know how much he loved his son. They didn’t experience his humor, his compassion. Those were things he shared with me. When his life began to crumble, I was the one who he turned to. I was the one who convinced him to mend fences.

            When Brian finally said the three words I had longed to hear, I let fear keep me from saying the words I should have. In an attempt to protect what was left of my heart, I stopped seeing him. We stayed in touch at first, but as the years went by our communication was few and far between.

            Before I knew it ten years passed. I hadn’t looked at another man, I took a chance and reached out one August day and he replied. The butterflies that filled my stomach and the smile I couldn’t contain told me all I ever needed to know. Like it or not Brian had my heart. He always would. Brian wanted to meet, but I was hesitant. In the years we’d been apart, I’d planned to lose the weight, but had gained instead.

            The more we texted and talked, the more I knew I had to see him. It was like we had never parted. When we met up for the first time, there was a difference to him. Our friendship grew stronger, deeper. Brian is my best friend, my confidant, my soul mate. Hearing him say I love you can fill me with love and break my heart at the same time. When he hugs me, I know I have found where I belong, my home.

            How can our friendship survive when loving him is forbidden? I won’t cross that line. I won’t be that woman. I love Brian enough to let him go. Will I ever have my happily ever after?

Enchanted The Spellbound Saga
I didn't want this life. I was content being a witch. When I fell in love with Aidan, I told him I didn't want to be like him; a vampire. I was dying. To save me he did what he had to do. Life as a vampire has to be better than no life at all. Right? ​For nearly 190 years Ashlie Belle lived as a witch. She planned to do the same for the next 310. Then she fell in love with vampire, Aidan Crane. As she took her last breath, he bit her. Will she be able to forgive him for betraying her? ​Stephenie, Ashlie's ghost best friend, has been stuck in their home, Mystic Manor for nearly twenty years. She watches the world change from the widow’s peak, longing to explore the way she did when she was alive. Seconds before Ashlie died, she transferred her powers to Stephenie with an unexpected result. ​How can Ashlie fulfill the prophecy her resurrected mother entrusted Alexander the Great with and protect her newfound family from the danger in the woods while spending her days in a coffin? Can Ashlie adapt to her new life before it's too late?
Look at this mess! Who did it? Twins, Shylea, and Kable know it wasn’t them, but no one believes them. Sent to their room until they admit they did it, they discover something hiding in their closet. Who are the Figments? And what are they doing in their closet?
Rocket, A Dog and His Boy
Rocket longs for his forever home. Day after day children come to the shelter, but none want him. Until the day a boy comes to visit. He wants to meet Rocket. Will he finally find his boy?
Spellbound Cookbook and Spells Companion to the Spellbound Saga
This one of a kind behind the scenes cookbook has a little bit of everything. Recipes for family dinner are mixed in with personal notes and drawings from author, Shannon Simpson’s notebook on her Award-Winning Spellbound Saga. Looking for a weird recipe for a party? Try Dead Men’s Toes or the amputated hand. You will find a little of everything in this book.
Spellbound Saga Series Book Bundle
9th BridgeWelcome to Bridgetown where gold flows like a river through the streets, into the pockets of the cunning and cruel. Nine great bridges span the river, and nine powerful individuals act as masters of the river, using the power and influence that comes with their title to their own ends. At least until yesterday. […]
The Curse
You know how high school is supposed to be fun? Okay, so freshman year isn't really fun. That is the year the seniors haze you by selling tickets to the elevator, so you don't have to take the stairs. Or my personal favorite- access to the swimming pool on the roof that doesn't exist. It's really when you hit the junior and senior years the fun is supposed to begin. At least that is what I'd seen in all the movies. I believed it would be the same for me. After all, I was going to be with my best friend, Everleigh. We could face anything as long as we were together; even buying tickets to a pool that doesn't exist and a pass to take the elevator to get there. No one told me about curses and what would happen if I kissed my longtime crush. Such things didn't exist in the movies I watched. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's go back, back to when I believed anything was possible as long as I had Everleigh at my side. Back to when I was alive.

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