Have you ever met someone and known immediately your life would never be the same? That’s how it was when I met Brian. One smile and my world was rocked to its core.

            Everyone has that one love they can’t forget. The one that spoke to your soul, not just your heart. At twenty-six, I had never been in love. I thought I was broken. Then I met Brian. There was something about him that spoke to my soul. He was everything I dreamed the man for me would be, with one major flaw. He was married. Even if he wasn’t, I knew he wouldn’t want me. Overweight for most of my life, I was shy around men. I preferred to remain in the background, never calling attention to myself. After being teased in my formative years, I had scars on my soul.

            Brian offered me his friendship. I was happy to accept. I was careful not to talk much about myself. I thought if I hid my heart behind a stone wall, I’d be able to protect myself. I tried to be friends, truly I did, but sometimes friends sneak into your heart with no warning. I don’t remember when it happened. One day we were friends, the next I was in love with him. I tried to hide it, but I think Brian knew. There was something about him that my starving heart couldn’t resist.

            For three years, I saw him almost every day. The more time we spent together, the more I fell. I watched as he flirted with other women, pretending it didn’t break my heart. Women were attracted to his sexy looks, but they didn’t know him like I did. They didn’t see past the outside at the man within. They didn’t know how much he loved his son. They didn’t experience his humor, his compassion. Those were things he shared with me. When his life began to crumble, I was the one who he turned to. I was the one who convinced him to mend fences.

            When Brian finally said the three words I had longed to hear, I let fear keep me from saying the words I should have. In an attempt to protect what was left of my heart, I stopped seeing him. We stayed in touch at first, but as the years went by our communication was few and far between.

            Before I knew it ten years passed. I hadn’t looked at another man, I took a chance and reached out one August day and he replied. The butterflies that filled my stomach and the smile I couldn’t contain told me all I ever needed to know. Like it or not Brian had my heart. He always would. Brian wanted to meet, but I was hesitant. In the years we’d been apart, I’d planned to lose the weight, but had gained instead.

            The more we texted and talked, the more I knew I had to see him. It was like we had never parted. When we met up for the first time, there was a difference to him. Our friendship grew stronger, deeper. Brian is my best friend, my confidant, my soul mate. Hearing him say I love you can fill me with love and break my heart at the same time. When he hugs me, I know I have found where I belong, my home.

            How can our friendship survive when loving him is forbidden? I won’t cross that line. I won’t be that woman. I love Brian enough to let him go. Will I ever have my happily ever after?



About the Author

Shannon Simpson

Shannon was born and raised in a little town in South Carolina aptly named Townville. Many of her books are placed in her hometown. A lover of vampires, ghosts, and witches it is no surprise her first book, Spellbound, was about them. In 2017, Shannon entered Spellbound in a writing contest for Words Matter Publishing. She won first prize and the rest, as they say, is history. She is the host and producer of The Review, editor-in-chief of the WMP Reader, voiceover actor, and administrative assistant to the CEO of Words Matter Publishing.


Always Reviews

This book made me cry writing it. The personal way the main character shares her insecurities in her diary entries as well as her thoughts is unlike any book I've ever read. Even though I knew the outcome, I still feel her pain, her hope, and her insecurities. A must read if you love forbidden romance, soulmate friendships, and a happily ever after no matter how many years pass. – Reviewed by Shannon Simpson via Goodreads

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A forbidden “friendship" or is it more? Do soulmates really exist? Always is an amazing epic story of life, love, and sacrifice. It's about insecurities, heartache, and putting everyone else first. It tells you how and why you should always love and be true to yourself before others, that in not doing so there are consequences of the heart. Is it just a "friendship"? Is it a relationship? Who knows?

Be careful. Always. How can 3 little words mean so much? What do they mean? What is really meant by them? I love you. I don't know what is truly meant by those words. Will fate keep them apart? Be careful, Always. – Reviewed by Carol

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Shanna wants only three things in life. 1. A husband who will be her best friend. 2. Children. 3. To be a published author. Sadly, she can't seem to achieve any of these goals. But slowly Shanna does through much perseverance and work. This book reminds all of us that we have a right to dream and dream we will.

Don't let the size of this excellent tome put you off. While good things come in small packages, great things come in big packages, and this is a great read. – Reviewed by Janet

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This engaging love story is a fresh new look at relationships. Brian and Shanna are good friends and each harbors a secret. They love the other. But Brian is faithful to his wife and Shanna has many issues to solve. Their love is for another time, another place. Decades later their paths cross again. Still later again. Will they ever have a happy ending?

A book that gives you thoughts to ponder and makes you rethink your own love life. Read, read, and read some more. Enjoy every minute. – Reviewed by Paula

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When Shanna meets Brian, she didn't expect to meet the man of her dreams, but she did. And even though he already was spoken for she fell head over heels in love with him. In order to have him in her life, she settled on having a friendship with him hoping that one day he would love her the way that she loves him. And after some years of waiting her dreams did come true because Brain did finally tell her that he loved her too. Never give up on your heart because when love finds you nothing will stand in the way. This book is a really great read for the lover of romance. - Reviewed by Michelle

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