A True Irish Trilogy

These are stories describing the events, feelings, and survival of three Irish-born women who came to America in hopes of a better life. It tells of the various trials and tribulations they encountered and overcame as their families grew. It has a warmth that invites you in to have a front-row seat as history evolves. You meet them in their Irish beginnings. You watch as they leave everything and everyone behind to cross an ocean to a new life. You see them as they enter this new exciting and frightening world of theirs and try to acclimate themselves as best they can. Then you witness as they become part of the very core that is America.



About the Author

J.M. Davis

My husband and I have lived in Southern Illinois all of our lives. I have always loved history and even pursued it as a major in college. In 1972 I received what should have been a simple assignment from my American Studies Professor to develop our immediate family tree. I completed the assignment but soon realized I had been stung by the genealogy bug. With my husband having the same sort of interests, we have spent the last 30 years diligently working on and off in an attempt to expand that initial tree as well as many others.
My book contains three of those stories about my actual ancestors. I tried to write them in a format that would once and for all destroy the concept that history has to be dull. In them you are invited to have a front row seat in the rather typical but incredibly moving lives of three strong willed, faith driven, family first women. I hope you enjoy and if so, keep an eye out for future trilogies.


A True Irish Trilogy Reviews

They say everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone who reads this trilogy will find the Irish in them. Well-written true tales of three Irish families that immigrate to the promised land of America seeking a better life. This book is an open window to the lives and struggles of all those who crossed the ocean in the 1800s.

J.M. Davis writes with love and laughter. His strong women come alive on the pages as we follow them throughout their lives. From Ireland, across the ocean to America, to the wild west enjoy traveling with author Davis and his strong Irish women. – Reviewed by Janet

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These are inspiring stories of courage and perseverance. They are full of love and patience, joy and sorrow, happiness, and sadness with many life lessons. They tell about hardships, sacrifice, and what real families are. They are about where strength comes from when you feel all hope is lost. They are about sharing, caring, and going above and beyond when everything looks like you at the end of the road there is always a way. If more people lived the way, they did the world would be a lot better off.

How much do you think you could endure? What would you do under the same circumstances? What kind of sacrifices would you make if you were in their place?

You won't want to put this one down, it will keep you wanting more the more you read, so get comfortable. – Reviewed by Carol


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