The world five minutes into the future is a world far different from our own. Devastation to an extent which we can only dream of in our nightmares plague the Earth and desolation walk hand in hand with fear and contempt. Disease, famine and war have scarred the surface of the land and where people once lived in prosperity, now there is nothing but an empty space where hope once flourished. Where towns and cities stood, in their place now stand examples to a scarred world as vast domed constructions gaze down over the landscape, passing their own quiet judgement on mankind’s folly. These are the city states and are all that remains of society, all that remains of hope… But even inside these vast complexes, the very degradation of society prospers, breeding contempt and deceit within the lower levels of the cities, while the rich grow richer, looking down from on high. Each city state is connected via a series of hollow Deadfall iv tubes which run above the hostile ground, standing at over one thousand feet in height and supported by vast concrete legs, piled deep into the damaged surface. The transit system operates by a network of tube-trains, transporting populace, trade and consumables from state to state without the need the transverse the outlands of the planet. This is the future. This is the new world. This is the world with no hope. Welcome to life… Welcome citizens… Welcome to Earthshock..



About the Author

Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald was born in the English city of Coventry in 1970. From an early age, Andrew loved books and would spend hours sitting reading and writing, creating new worlds and people. But, he never pursued a literary career electing to leave school and seek employment rather than continue with his studies and go to college.
In 1991, his life changed forever as he met his future wife: Mary and together they went on to get married and have four beautiful daughters. He would spend the next few years going from one job to another whilst supporting his family. Along the way he never stopped dreaming of writing and would create short stories to tell his children to entertain them.
It would be in 2013, that his life would change and the birth of his first granddaughter saw him make to decision to turn a past time into a career. His love of science-fiction and in particular Doctor Who that saw him write his first feature length title and although it never got published, it gave him the confidence to continue.
He was commissioned to write two short stories for a Doctor Who project in 2015 which ultimately never got published. Following these two horror stories were completed and although a lot of interest was generated by these, neither title was published. Despite all of this, with each rejection letter he continued believing in his dream. In 2016, he would publish his second full length story Rain through Amazon publishing and in 2018 School for Apes became his first release through an established publishing company.
Andrew McDonald still lives in Coventry with his wife and family where he writes and dreams.


Other Books by This Author

Fire and Ice
An expedition to find a lost colony is attacked by the planet itself but manages to send a distress call back to Earth before all communication is lost. A rescue ship is sent but experiences difficulties upon making landfall. The ship’s crew are attacked, and the craft disabled by the jungle as it comes to life and in the night air a chilling voice through the trees…hungry! The surviving crew decide to try and find the lost colony and expedition while repairs are ongoing on the craft. They discover hostile natives, a jungle filled with threats from wild animals to attacking vegetation and a secret at the place of fire and ice which threatens everyone on the planet.
School for Apes
Hazeldene, a school with a secret set deep in the heart of rural England. Dominic Atwell, a boy who finds it difficult to fit into school life. But when he is expelled from yet another school, his parents take steps to send Dominic to a special school. A school designed to take only the most special and unique children. A school, that doesn't ask questions. A school, which will take anybody for a price: A school that offers the highest in education...a school for Apes. What is the secret behind the doors of Hazeldene, a school where nothing is what it seems...and for Dominic nothing will be the same again.
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