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Words Matter Publishing is ahead of all of our peers. Need evidence? Just see our innovative Progressive Publishing Program which we created to meet your specific publishing needs at the precise level of publishing that you are at. When you advance as an author our Progressive Publishing Program advances with you. Our Progressive Publishing Program is for every author at every stage of publishing in every genre.

We are often asked if there really are stages for an author?  To which we always respond authors do not become popular overnight. Almost every writer must grow into a best-selling author and Words Matter Publishing is here to help you grow. Our Progressive Publishing Program is with you every step of the way.

Our unique approach at Words Master Publishing is to come forward and help authors at the very start of their writing career. As a Progressive Publishing House, Authors are encouraged to contact us, to get meaningful and down-to-earth help in publishing their works, at the following 3 Levels:

At the 1st Level –

  • As a new author writing your first book, you will be encouraged during the writing process by our professional book coaches.
  • Your work will then be polished by our editing experts and made ready for publishing.
  • We publish these first-time works to see whether your book will attract an audience, and you will begin to get visibility on online platforms.
  • Another advantage to you as an author is you will be acknowledged online that there is a Publishing House behind you – a most progressive one at that – which is a rare opportunity for you!
  • To become a Level 1 author you only need to pay for the production costs which are the absolute lowest in the industry.

At the 2nd Level –

  • Some authors are advanced enough in their craft to skip Level 1 and start as a Level 2 author. Others become Level 2 authors by working their way through Level 1 and advancing to Level 2.
  • At Level 2 we recognize  you as an “upcoming author” or a “rising star.”
  • To fully advance your career we will publish a POD hardcover and ebook edition for your work. Our books are professionally designed and published,  to exceed industry standards for quality and originality.
  • We will then submit your masterpiece to our massive distribution list, which includes libraries and bookstores in all global destinations along with our extensive online distribution channels to gain you maximum exposure.
  • A soft-cover edition of your book will also be released at a later date
  • We don’t stop when the publishing is finished, Words Matter Publishing will sincerely promote your book in mainstream outlets and all over the Internet so that you become  a coveted author of Words Matter Publishing House
  • As a Level 2 author, you are pushed up on the ladder of popularity, and you only need pay half of the production costs which are once again the absolute lowest in the industry.

At the 3rd Level –

  • As a Level 3 author, you become a traditionally published author, and you join the ranks of the great authors whose work prompted you to become a writer. All of this was made possible by our Progressive Publishing Program.
  • As is customary, a Traditional Publishing Contract is entered into between us.
  • We will do an initial print run from 25,000 to 50,000 books as mutually agreed.
  • You need not pay any production cost; instead, you will receive an advance for future royalties.

In each of these levels, the Progressive Publishing Program of Words Matter Publishing will strive hard to promote, popularize and market your books earnestly, through advertising campaigns and effective marketing techniques which will showcase your titles and demonstrate your works are worthy of a prestigious Publishing House.

Come and take part in our Progressive Publishing Program and find out which level your book qualifies for in our Progressive Publishing Program, please follow our submission guidelines by sending an e-mail to, marked SUBMISSION in the subject line and then attach the first 3 chapters for review. We work very hard to provide a response to all submissions within 2 weeks and we never send out rejections slips. If we cannot publish your book we will explain why and what must be done to get it ready for our Progressive Publishing Program. Don’t wait! Send your submission today while we are still accepting submissions.





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