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It is almost heartbreaking and very discouraging when you publish your book and then sell only a few copies. Moreover, you get bad reviews on the copies that you do sell. Your friends and loved ones will always be by your side and will repeatedly compliment you telling you how great your book is. But, you need genuine reviews shared by those who pay to buy and read your books. So, it is your responsibility to offer your readers a good book that makes them leave a great review of your book, and then recommend your book to their friends as well. You can do this by getting the help of professionals in the publishing industry.

At Words Matter Publishing we are here to help you grow as a writer by pointing out ways you can improve your manuscript. Every author needs the assistance of professionals who know how to create a book that will be accepted in the marketplace. No one can make it in the publishing industry alone.  And now you don’t have to. We are here to help you.

At WORDS MATTER PUBLISHING, we help authors shape their book, complete their manuscript and pursue their publishing dreams. WORDS MATTER PUBLISHING will help you turn your ideas and stories into books that people will love reading!

Are  You A First Time Author? Do You Want To Write A Book or An E-Book? Do You Want To Self-Publish It? Or Are you Thinking About Traditional Publishing?

Welcome to WORDS MATTER PUBLISHING! The one stop solution for authors everywhere. We provide you with resources and professional services that will aid you in writing, editing, illustrating, publishing, and marketing your book. We also help you build your author brand and connect with your readers on your very own custom made website. WORDS MATTER PUBLISHING is undoubtedly among the best source of services for authors and writers. Our services exceed industry standards, and we provide easy access to all of our services. We also provide you with a custom package of the below services to meet your specific needs. You will never pay for a service that you don’t need because each of our packages is custom made to help you publish the best possible rendition of your story!

What We Offer

Author Platform Development

Author Websites

Book Coaching

Book Reviews

Book Trailers


Ghostwriting Services

Investigative Journalist

Progressive Publishing Program

Publicity Campaigns

Do you need more clients? Customers? Repeat business?

WORDS MATTER PUBLISHING will unfold the process of how you can turn your knowledge and expertise into a bestselling book that has the capability of earning you a residual income and also increase the number of your clients!  We will make you an expert in your field that will place you a step ahead of your competition!  At WORDS MATTER PUBLISHING, you will also find writing advice, book reviews, and discussions on literature and publishing.

Have A Story? Are You Eager to Share It with the World? No Idea How To Do It? CONTACT US!

Establishing an outline for the book is a major timesaving and confidence-boosting move, to make. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a memoir, fiction, or non-fiction. We’ll help you formulate a writing plan to complete your whole project in a timely manner. WORDS MATTER PUBLISHING will provide you with a system where you can capture your vision so that you can bring your work to life!

Stop trying to take on the publishing industry alone team up with WORDS MATTER PUBLISHING a one stop solution for authors.

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