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A First Impression is the last impression:

Your audience is wise enough to know the difference between a genuine review and a fake one. If your reviews aren’t valid, the reputation of your book will suffer a permanent setback. At Words Matter Publishing we fully understand that; hence, we will maximize your book’s credibility and profit by crafting a custom review. Receiving a review from a reputable publisher will make your book stand out because we know how to write a review that will bring attention to the intricate details of your characters and plots through our Book Review Services of the US.

Rewarding benefits for you through our Book Review Services Online:
We bring your book under the umbrella of a reputed publisher

In this competitive publishing market, a talented author needs the support of a reputed publisher. Getting a publishing contract, however, is difficult because publishers accept a book through the reviews it receives and the sales it has, and we can assist you with both. Our professional reviews help authors obtain publishing contracts and increase their sales while giving us the acclaim of offering the best Book Review Services of the US.

Good reviews can increase your buyer’s list

Imagine your income doubling as your book flies off of the shelves. Of course, the increase in your profits means your exposure as an author will also grow. All it takes is the help of a quality review of your hard work. People routinely look for reviews, which is the reason the demand for our professional quality Book Review Services in the US has grown ten times. Reviews give potential buyers assurance while saving readers time as well as money.

Our service ensures you that we’ll work just as hard as you did while writing the book. We will leave no stone unturned to provide you with quality Book Review Services Online to bring you and your book out of obscurity and place you in the spotlight where you belong.

Market penetration becomes easier

Our Book Review services in the US have enabled many new writers to obtain an easy entrance into this competitive market; some have even obtained notoriety long before their estimated time frame. Once, your work gets recognized in the market then all of your other outputs will obtain the advantage of your brand image. We know exactly how to do that. Because our approach is market driven. That is the reason, out of all of the Book Review Services Online, authors readily select our services.

Book Review Services make online presence stronger

Social media limelight is a serious matter for all aspiring authors.  Because social media marketing is now growing,  it is essential that your book reviews get published on all of the popular platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  Because we offer a full range of Book Review Services Online when it comes to producing a review for your social media platforms you can put your trust in us.  Our Book review Services are tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • 5-STAR RATING this inexpensive program will provide you with up to a 5-star rating in each of these categories: Cover design, character development, plot and subplots, editing, and entertainment level.
  • WRITTEN REVIEW You’ll receive a 5-star rating as described above plus a written review about your book. Our reviews will not be a one line comment or statement we will actually read your book and provide you with a professional review based on the details and characters of your book.
  • VIDEO REVIEW The whole kit and kaboodle! You’ll receive a 5-star rating, along with a written review as described above and a 2 to 3-minute video on the contents and quality of your book. With these three types of reviews, you are able to post on any platform and get your book noticed worldwide! You will have marketing tools to spread the word and create a buzz about your book!
Get your hard work critically acclaimed by initiating getting into contact with us

If you would like to know more about our Book Review Services of US, or any other part of the globe, kindly contact us today through the form below or e-mail. If you have a publishing dream, we have plans to make it come true, and it all begins with a good solid professional review by a notable publishing house. No other publishing house will review books that it did not publish as it fears the competition, but at Words Matter Publishing we strive to assist all authors in reaching their publishing goals. We do not fear or hinder the competition, in fact,  we help launch every author that comes to us for help. Sound interesting? Get in touch with us today to let us nurture the real Author inside you.




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