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Do Words Matter Really? Indeed they do for that is how you remember Poets, Novelists, and Authors of world-fame.The words they have used to express their thoughts to the outside world have made them unforgettable. They knew which words to pen and how to use them. The nuances and intricacies of this magic will become yours, with the help of our Book Coaching Services that provide you with professional Book Writing Coach and Book Publishing Coach! Trust us!

People are not born writers. It was the passion for writing words, learning, practicing and overcoming stumbling blocks, failures and harsh reviews over a period, that transformed them into “Writers.” And, when writers receive the help of a Book Writing Coach, they become seasoned writers who readers love a lot!

How Can Words Matter Publishing Take your Book Writing to the Next Level?

Only those Writers, who will perform the dual role of Writer and Reader at the same time make it as writers. First, you must pour the thoughts flooding your mind as a Writer, and then you must prune the unwanted words from the viewpoint of the Reader. When you can do both, you will make it as a  “Writer.”

Our Book Coaching Services, which include the services of Book Writing Coach and Book Publishing Coach, will assist you to become an expert at both. Soon you will be a master at performing this dual-role.

At Words Matter Publishing, you can hand select which of our services you need to improve your writing, platform, website or manuscript. Then when you are ready, our Progressive Publishing Program will be waiting to publish your book. Select one service or a combination of any, and the best news is we have worked very hard to make all of our services affordable for everyone. Our fees are the lowest in the industry, but the quality of our books exceeds industry standards. AND we have worldwide distribution for your e-book, POD book, and traditionally published book. BUT it all begins with writing a manuscript that people will want to read. That is where our coaching services come in.

A Note About Our Coaching Services

Our Book Coaching Services include a Book Writing Coach or Book Publishing Coach or Both

Book Writing Coach:

A Book Writing Coach guides you through the writing process. Many people have great ideas and stories to share, but they have no idea how to formulate them into a book, and that is where a Book Writing Coach is an invaluable assistant. Let our Book Writing Coach come alongside you as you journey through character development, plot, subplots, viewpoints, transitions, timing, flashbacks, speaker attributions and all of the intricate skills that are needed to write a Bestseller.  Our Book Writing Coaches know how to write a book fascinating for readers, and make it a must read. We’ll burn the midnight oil with you to ensure your fans read through the night as well.

Writing a Book is the dream of many. But the lack of self-confidence stops most people in their tracks.  Now you can receive coaching sitting in your own home. Simply by using the Internet, you can learn, practice and become a published Author, without ever leaving home. It is just that easy!

Book publishing Coach:

If writing your book is a skill, publishing your book in the right manner, to attract readers is an entirely different skill. Not all of the intelligent and smart authors can get their books published successfully.

Our Book Publishing Coach will guide you step by step, in getting your books published through a legitimate publisher. We’ll guide you through traditional publishing, self-publishing,  or e-books, and POD publishing. We know about the online platforms available to you or how to attract agents or pitch to one of the big publishing houses. Our Book Publishing Coach will assist you in every aspect of publishing to make your book a runaway success among readers.

We bring out the hidden “Author” inside of you! Contact us today to ask about our coaching services, and we think you’ll be surprised at just how much help you can receive at such a low price. We keep our fees low because our one goal is to help you reach all of your publishing goals.


Coaching sessions are available via phone, e-mail, texting, Skype or chat, you decide which method you prefer.

To learn more about our coaching services,  please contact us to arrange a private coaching consultation.

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