Bestselling Daydreams

Did you ever wonder how an author came up with a storyline, or plot or memorable character? Ever find yourself wishing you could create a character that your reader would miss at the close of the book? Or have you ever desired to write a novel that is so good people all over the world will read it over and over again?

Most serious writers answered yes to each and every one of these questions.  And most every writer would love to be able to accomplish even one of those goals.  There is a simple way to achieve these goals and the answer may surprise you…daydreaming!

Some of the greatest novels were created while the author was simply daydreaming in great detail. Many daydreams have gone on to become bestsellers! So the next time you find yourself stuck in traffic or waiting at the doctor’s office put your delay to great use by letting your mind create the next NYT phenomenon.

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