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Have you finished writing your manuscript? Congrats! You are close to becoming a published author. There is just one more step for you to take, before sending your book to agents and publishers…EDITING! This is the step most writers fail to take.  Every book must be professionally edited from the first page to the last in order to compete in today’s publishing marketplace. Sounds expensive, doesn’t it? Not at Words Matter Publishing!  Our experienced expert editors are ready to help you, with our affordable book editing services online.

Now before you start to envision a massive red pen striking out all of your carefully crafted words, we feel it is worthwhile to weed out the common and prevalent myths about Book Editing Services. Many authors fear that an editor will change their personal writing voice or that the scissors running through the words of their book will chisel out the originality.

Completely wrong – Words Matters Publishing wants to assure you right at the beginning that our Book Editing Services will work very hard to make you happy. Our expert and faultless editing techniques have been gained by years of experience editing countless books and staying on top of the current market trends.  We know that every book should not read like a textbook. We understand, dialects, conjectures, and regional speech patterns. We will allow your characters to maintain all of the specific personality traits you created them to have.

We respect your feelings: 
  • When you have finished writing your book, we know a birthing process has taken place, and every word in that book is important to you. Words Matter Publishing realizes the countless hours and great sacrifices you have made to craft your manuscript. We promise that we will hold your “baby” gently while we prepare it to meet the world.
  • Our attention will be on grammatical errors, typos, misspelled words, and mistakes made by oversight. The kind of mistakes every author makes. We will patiently take out those eyesores (that will prevent your book from being accepted by an agent or publisher) and make the reading of your book a pleasure.
  • Words Matter Publishing leaves your actual words, your tone, your voice and your meaning; we simply prepare your manuscript for professional publishing.
Holistic Book Editing:
  • Book Editing is a skill requiring a gentle touch. Words Matter Book Editors will always be conscious that they have been entrusted with the responsibility of making your precious book into a “great book” or even an “excellent book.”
  • The difference between ordinary and extraordinary books is simply that excellent books capture the heart of the reader, gripping them while they absorb every sentence. It is the combination of the words used, the way of expression, the clarity of explaining matters, the readability of the whole book in one stroke, that causes a reader to stay up all night without putting it down
  • So while examining every sentence of a given book, our editors keep everything in mind in order to offer a holistic editing of your book. Simply put, anyone reading the initial manuscript and the final edited version of the book will realize the difference is ever so subtle but yet so crystal clear.

Last but not the least, let us share a little secret with you. When your book arrives and the time of editing or final proofreading is at hand, our experienced editors will leave no stone unturned. They are aware of the hard work, thoughts, and research that you have done to painstakingly craft your book and with that in mind, they will edit with care. The work of the editor will be to polish not altered.  Our Professional Words Matter Publishing Editors will do justice to your book.

Affordable and Understanding Book Editors are at Your Service! Contact us today to take that final step in becoming a published author. If you have questions about our Book Editing Service or want to know more about us and the way we work. We will be happy to assist you just fill out the form below, and we will be with you shortly.

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