A Wonderful Whirlwind

The last few months have been a wonderful whirlwind of excitement here at Words Matter Publishing, so please forgive me for not posting sooner. I have been spending all of my time working with several authors, and nothing could ever give me greater joy. I love watching the dreams of authors come true. There are so many writers who just aren’t getting the recognition that they deserve for the amazing talent that they have. I love to search for them to launch them onto a platform where they can shine.

We have released the e-books of two great titles, and the print versions will be out within the next week or so.  Watch for them and pick up your copy. This will help you see that working with a publisher is the best way to go to produce a quality book that you can be proud of.


Kindle Edition                                  Kindle Edition

 Nook Edition                                    Nook Edition