A Published Author in 2017


I am really excited about our Book Coaching Services for I know many people will now take a leap of faith and begin to write their book.  I see this service as a door opener for those who allow commas and semi-colons to stop them from telling their story. Please step out in faith and believe in yourself, I will be here to help you reach your goal of publishing your very first book. I have worked hard to develop a coaching service that will meet your needs.

At Words Matter Publishing we believe everyone has a story to tell, a lesson to teach, a message to deliver or a memory to share and these are the ingredients of a great book. We also believe millions of books each year are never written because most people don’t believe they can write a book. WMP wants to help you tell your story, teach your lesson, deliver your message and share your memories so we are offering affordable Book Coaching Sessions to guide you each step of the way.

You will be able to choose the platform for your coaching sessions, phone, e-mail, chat, or Skype. Your Book Coach will help you plan your outline, define your characters or talking points and capture your message. We’ll help you get past your fear of grammar and punctuation rules. We’ll teach you to write crisp clear sentences that will advance your message. With each page that you write, you will gain confidence and soon you will be thinking about the second book you want to write.

Writing a non-fiction book will make you an expert in your field, teach lessons you have learned the hard way or share your personal story with others who can glean from your experiences. Writing a novel will unleash your story-telling creative side and enhance our world with entertainment that you have provided.

Don’t let another year go by without picking up a pen to write that book that is inside of you. Sign up today for Book Coaching Sessions with Words Matter Publishing and we will help you become a Published Author in 2017.